Research and Development


With a culture of innovation at its heart, AVS-SYS is constantly pioneering cutting edge products and services for use in the aerospace industry and beyond.


At AVS-SYS we are continuously developing new products, such as aerospace air distribution ducting, by utilising new materials and new manufacturing techniques. 

Our target is to develop products that demonstrate a significant weight reduction while decreasing manufacturing time and waste, that will enable AVS-SYS to provide a competitively priced product that while lighter will meet all the required standards and levels of performance.

The potential uses for these materials and products extend to a variety of interior composite components, such as ceiling panels, cargo liners, galleys and other areas within and beyond aerospace where there is a demand for strong but lightweight material.

Our ongoing improvements include:
  • weight reduction
  • reducing manufacturing time 
  • reducing complexity
  • improved environmental impact
  • increased recyclability
  • reducing materials cost
  • in or out of autoclave curing
  • meeting airframer requirements
  • compatibility with existing manufacturing processes

As well as new materials we are looking into the development of new system design and manufacturing processes.