Aerospace Low Pressure Flexible Ducting

AVS-SYS’ range of Ultra Lightweight Aerospace Low Pressure Flexible Ducting, which is manufactured in the UK, has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the demanding environment on-board aircraft whilst removing weight to provide long term savings in aircraft operation.

The primary use of AVS-SYS Aerospace Flexible Ducting is in the Low Pressure Air Distribution and Ventilation Systems. The Ducting comes in a range of lengths and diameters with various end choices, including Standard Cuff, Beaded Insert and Free End, to provide all the possible options needed across the full spectrum of aircraft types. 

Both Single Ply for positive pressure and Twin Ply for negative pressure applications are available and are designed to meet aerospace requirements such as FAR 25.853(A), Appendix F, Part 25 Part 1 (A) (1) (II).

The ducting hoses have been development to minimise weight while still meeting all requirements such as durability, uniform bend radius and ease of install.