Aerospace Composite Ducting


Composite Ducting from AVS-SYS is a highly advanced, versatile and lightweight product. Manufactured using proprietary techniques developed by AVS-SYS, it is usable across a wide range of operating temperatures and can maintain its strength in even the most extreme conditions. Composite Ducting is exceptionally well suited to low-pressure applications throughout the entire breadth of fixed and rotary wing aircraft types whilst removing weight to provide long term savings in aircraft operation.

The primary use of AVS-SYS Aerospace Composite Ducting is in the Low Pressure Air Distribution and Ventilation Systems. The ducts are manufactured to meet the specific needs of the of the aircraft manufacturer or end user and are produced in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, lengths and diameters with various connection options, including Elastomeric cuff or sleeve, composite AS5131 beaded end or composite flanged, to provide all those needed across the full spectrum of aircraft types. 

The ducts are designed and the materials selected to meet aerospace requirements such as FAR 25.853(A), Appendix F, Part 25 Part 1 (A) (1) (II).

The new products are up to 40% lighter than equivalent parts currently in use. This weight saving is delivered without any loss in fit, form or function and parts are manufactured to all relevant aerospace standards.  It is estimated that in a narrow body aircraft use of the new ducts in the Air Distribution System would save up to 60kg in weight, with significant reductions in fuel burn and therefore cost and environmental impact over the full lifecycle of the aircraft.

Aerospace Composite Ducting
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