Aerospace Acoustic Muffler Ducting

Our new aerospace acoustic muffler ducting has an innovative (patent pending) design that reduces weight by up to 15% compared to existing products on the market, while matching or exceeding their acoustic dampening performance.

The new Acoustic Muffler Ducting uses new materials and a radical new interior configuration to reduce the weight of the duct by replacing a fibreglass baffle layer with acoustic dampening foam and removing the need for an internal sleeving layer. 

The muffler are available in a range of sizes and in both flexible duct and rigid duct configurations to provide all the possible options needed across the full spectrum of aircraft types.

Managing Director of AVS-SYS, Paul Heaton, says: “Our new Muffler Ducting offers great advantages to the aerospace industry with fantastic weight saving and an acoustic dampening performance that we believe can make flying a more pleasurable experience.”

The ducts are designed and the materials selected to meet aerospace requirements such as FAR 25.853(A), Appendix F, Part 25 Part 1 (A) (1) (II).