AVS-SYS has complete system engineering capability for the integration of aircraft systems with particular expertise in low pressure air distribution and ventilation.

We provide system-level design including project commencement, developing schematics and system architecture, interpreting functional performance criteria, ensuring specification compliance, providing 3-D system models and component drawings, weight analysis, interface control drawings together with all necessary technical, engineering and qualification documentation.

AVS-SYS has the proven capability to validate computational analyses through the design, build and operation of physical system test rigs to ensure all performance requirements are met.  We create robust and compliant procedurally based work systems in order to operate in a controlled engineering environment and to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.

AVS-SYS complements system level design with a fast, efficient and cost-effective build to print capability for individual or groups of aerospace or non-aerospace composite components.

Our team of highly experienced engineers and designers has an average of 20 years’ experience and has worked on a wide variety of aircraft programs.

Examples or our team's most recent work include:

  • Development of Low Pressure Ducting materials & products
    • Composite Ducting and Components
    • Flexible Ducting
    • Acoustic Attenuation (Silencer or Muffler) Ducting
  • Mid-Sized Business Jet Low Pressure Air Distribution System
  • Commercial Airliner Low Pressure Air Distribution System
  • Large-Sized Business Jet Low Pressure Air Distribution System 
Engineering Design Office
Engineering Design Office