Alderley Park: the new home of AVS-SYS

12 Nov 2015


AVS-SYS Ltd, the composite design engineering specialist, has completed its move to a new and larger manufacturing site, located just south of Manchester. This new location at Alderley Park, Cheshire, provides the space and facilities needed as AVS-SYS expands the scale and scope of its operations.

Previously solely occupied by pharmaceutical giant, Astra Zenenca, the Alderley Park site has been redeveloped as a hub for high tech companies from across North West England. The new AVS-SYS facility has undergone a complete refurbishment to accommodate a larger staff of specialists and the world class equipment needed to assist in the design, manufacture and testing of advanced composite materials.

For over a decade, AVS-SYS has been well respected in the aerospace industry for its strengths in design engineering and project management across a wide range of aircraft types during this time the company has evolved to become a full spectrum company capable of delivering projects from initial design through R&D and manufacturing. AVS-SYS is one of few companies able to offer full system design and integration for aerospace air distribution systems and provide a level of expertise that is unmatched outside of a major aircraft manufacturer.

Managing Director of AVS-SYS, Paul Heaton, commented: “The relocation to Alderley Park is just a part of our wider strategy to grow and evolve as a company. To expand our manufacturing capability we need room so that we can deliver our innovative, advanced composites on a greater scale than ever before, while maintaining our commitment to quality and design excellence.”



Photo Caption: The new Alderley Park site gives AVS-SYS the room to continue growing their company. 

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Notes to editors:

AVS-SYS provides products and systems, research and development, full system design and integration across aerospace and other high tech industries utilising the latest in composite technology.

Our hard work and commitment to quality over the years has led to our team to be known and respected across the aerospace industry working from our own facilities and on-site at customers' premises in Europe, USA, Canada and China.

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Date: November 2015

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